Head to Toe Menu

Monday, April 28th, 7 pm
$70/person + tax & gratuity. Each course includes a beer, cocktail or wine pairing.

fish head me hoon
malaysian fish head soup, coagulated blood, rice noodle, mustard greens, pickled plum, ginger
taco de sesa
lambs brain, tongue, corn tortilla, chili, radish, tomato, queso fresco
haggis a la romana antico
ancient roman style pig haggis, deboned pig face stuffed in stomach, lovage, rue, garum, bran, sweet and sour onions
des yuex veau farcis
calves eyes stuffed with black truffle, robuchon potatoes, foie gras onion jus
rooster in a nest
candied cocks combs, vanilla gelato, peach, nest